*Little Stars*

It's okay 

Oh I've been up so many times
And down so many more
Trying to understand what I'm doing here

I'm right once in a while but never quite sure
Every day I gotta decide what to do with it

If your like me , you get tired of the rain
But honestly, I got no right to complain

I gotta shake shake 
Shake it off after a while
I gotta make make
Make the most of it and smile
Cause it's okay
I gotta shake shake 
Shake it off after a while 
I gotta take take 
Take a step back , realize it's okay

Oh I've been sure for so long
But keep on changing my mind 
Don't make much sense but that's the way it goes

Try to see what plays out but keep on hittin rewind 
Re convince myself of something I used to know  

It's a long long road but keep on keep on

This side of the moon

I can feel you all around
It's more than you just looking down
On this side, on this side of the moon

Your the very air I breathe
The breath in you's the breath in me
On this side on this side of the moon
On this side, on this side

If you could just let it , go let it go
Let it be, let it be
You will know ,you will know 
There's a dream inside you don't have to close your eyes to see

I can feel you close to me
Close enough we'll never be
On this side , on this side of the moon

Your the very love I need
The heart in you
It Beats for me
On this side, on this side of the moon
On this side , on this side

What if I came crashing down
To meet you
Would you come running out
To meet me

Oh my little darling

Oh my little darling
Come away with me
I long for you to see inside
The beauty that I see
Let me hold you in my heart light
And shine you all around 
Oh my little darling
I'll never let you down

Oh my little darling 
With you I will stay
I love you beyond measure
More than words could ever say
Come in close to me
Always beside you I will stand
Oh my little darling 
Come and take my hand

And Let me love, let me love, let me love 
Let me love you
I wanna love, wanna love, wanna love, wanna love you
So let me love, let me love , let me love, let me love you
I wanna be the one I only one
Wanna be the one the only one

Oh my little darling 
What else can I do
I've given everything
To prove my crazy love for you
My heart inside of yours
It is the greatest gift of all
My darling I am with you
Whatever shadows fall

Always faithful , always true
Forever I'll be good, so good to you 
And always,oh my love it shall remain 
Unchanged, unchanged


Take it in , breathe it out
This gift of life, is all about
Letting go, letting in
The greatest light, had always been

To love, love, love
The best you can
More and more
Over and again

Every moment , every day
Everything that comes my way
I'm thankful
To be alive,to be free
Every moment, every day
Every single breath that I take 
I'm thankful
Love rained down on me

There's just one you, and there's just one me
Just one Devine destiny
So let it out, live out loud
Be the brightest bright
Here and now

The sky is blue

The sky is blue
And the ocean too
The clouds are white 
Like the moon at night
And the stars above
Shine down in love
Over me and you, over me and you 

No matter where you go I'll always be
In your heart across the wind and sea
And if you feel alone you can just think of me
You won't be lonely, you won't be lonely

What it is, is what it is

What it is, is what it is
What can I do
I'm oh so in love 
So, so in love with you

What it is, is what it is
What can I say
You take away
Take, take , take my breath away

My heart it beats alone for you
My heart it burns steady and true
All my days forever and always
Nobody else can love me like you do, do, do
Nobody can love me like ya do
Love me like ya do

What it is, is what it is
Where can I hide
Where you go I'll go
Always I'll be by your side

What it is, is what it is



Tracks 1, 2 & 3

Produced, recorded and engineered by Darren elder and Karl Anderson at halo productions darrenelder.thewrecking@gmail.com

Tracks 4,5,6

Produced by Michael tulimero and Courtney Reid  Recorded ,engineered and mastered by Kenny Lewis at mixed emotions studios Middleton MA mixedemt@aol.com

Tracks 1, 2 & 3

Written by Courtney Reid

Track 4

Written by Michael tulimero and Courtney Reid

Track 5

Written by Courtney Reid and Michael tulimero

Track 6

Written by Courtney Reid and Chris stiles


Photography by Lisa tanner tannerphoto@gmail.com

Album design by Simeon Von Berg

Copyright c 2015 courtneyreidmusic publishing all rights reserved.


Love Struck

Never Give Up

Time and time again I've wandered,
Far, far away from you
On and on I've stumbled 
Inside the mess I've made
But you...

You never give up, never give up, 
Never give up, never give up 
On me, no no

Many many days I've squandered
You fade away from view
A deep dark place it holds me under,
To keep my heart away,
But you....

Far Far Away

Love carry me away, far from this lonely place
Take me in your arms, keep me safe from harm
Love, O these latter days, have taken their toll and made
Pieces of my heart, broken pieces pulled apart.

Rush in to my rescue as only love can do come find me, whisk me away
My heart open wide, hand in hand, side by side, come find me
And take me away, far away.
Love I can hear you say, cast all your cares away
I'm with you all the while, I'm yours will you be mine.

Take me as I am, give you all I can, I don't need to understand.

Glory Bound

As I lay me down to sleep
On the lonely ground beneath my feet
Does anyone know, does anyone care
I'm sinking deep.

I've almost taken life from me
Like living in a cold dark angry sea
Feel like giving up, giving in
What will be will be, but I remember

You said, you said, I'm a priest in the kingdom at heavens sound
You said, you said, I'm heir to the throne and I'm glory bound
You're always giving love to me

Something pulled me up to breathe
Like a life boat sent to rescue me
You never give up, you're always lettin me in
Loose the chains I'm free.

My heart ache beats all night long
Your voice rings out redemption song
I hear it load and clear I'm outa here
I'm moving on.

Everlasting Love

Everlasting love of mine
You have me till the end of time
I will always, I will always be yours.
Everlasting love of mine
Take your light, let it shine
I will always, I will always be yours.

Your love is like no other
No man can put asunder
Your faithfulness it reaches to the heavens
I’m lost inside your wonder
I fall completely under
Your grace, it reaches far beyond the heavens
And stretches to the sky.

Everlasting love of mine
Fall on me, take your time
I will always, I will always be yours.
Like a love struck fool, I’m rushing in
Fallen like I’ve never been
You’ve won me over and over again.

O How I've Loved You (Steal Away)

O how I have loved you
With all I am loved you
I've pulled your heart through
The darkest of nights

O how I've loved you
I've always been true
Hurt done I'll undo
Stand by your side

O how I've loved you
Will you love me too
I've done all I can do
Will you be mine

O how I've loved you
Everyday made new
I've come to your rescue
My sweet valentine

Let's steal away away away
Far away away away
Let's steal away away away
Babe hold on tight

The One My Heart Loves

I love you more than words can say
Your smile still takes my breath away
When I met you I know my whole world had changed

My heart for you flew open wide
I fell it's true and I cannot hide
I lost myself and found you by my side

Where I am is where you are and where I'll always be
Hand in hand, side by side forever you'll find me

I'm not leaving you alone, you outta know
I found in you the one my heart loves and I'm not letting go no no

I love you more that you'll ever know
Deeper still our love it grows
My affection for you filled to overflow

I'm all yours every part
And it's been that way right from the start
My love is yours never to depart

I Wanna Be Where You Are

Memories of a promise time has not revealed
There's a birth in me stirring my heart can feel
The dream that you've created calls out to me for more
I'm in a restless sea of wanting
Longing for the shore

And I'm calling out to you
Pull me near to be
Where you are
I wanna be where you are

Closer now today than all the days before
I'm in a hopeful place of waiting
My soul secure
The vision you imparted breathes a heaviness devine
I see us walking on the water
Your hand in mine

Somewhere out there I know there's a light there
Burning brightly missing pieces of my soul.
Love come throw a line and pull me
Closer closer closer to thee.


Love left the light on
Despite all I done wrong
O no you never gave up on me

Steady you burned bright
All day and all night
O no you never ever gave up on me

You captivated my heart

Love rushed to meet me
Setting my heart free
O no you never ever gave up on me

Returned to you some how
The moment was right now
O no you never ever gave up on me

Come come to me
I've waited and waited and waited so long
Run, run to me
Waited, waited so long

The days run away from me
Stealing the light it leaves
Your breath, the air I breathe
The sound of your voice
Touch of your hand
Wanted I'm yours
You take me as I am

All I Want

Weep for me weep
I can't cry anymore
I lost all my tears
On the heartache before
I'm wounded and fragile
Touch me and I will break down

I've spent so many nights 
On my knees in the dark
In need of a flame 
you came in a spark
Your love is a fire
That follows my tears to the ground

All I want is you
All I need is you

Soul sick and blessed with
A burden for more
Closer today than I was just before
A moment too soon
And everything
Would have been wrong

I walked away found by the 
Light in your eyes
In search of release
I was caught by surprise
What would have been good's
Not enough I've waited
And waited and waited so long

I wanna go where you go 
I wanna see how you see
I wanna love how you love me



Tracks 1 - 6

Isaac Flynn - drums
John Flynn - acoustic and electric guitar
Jeff Harshbarger - bass
Rodger Strong - trumpet
Greg LaFollette - keys, guitar and percussion
Don Chaffer - guitar, programming, background vocals and percussion
Suzanne Wessel - violins
Kelley Jackson and Lori Chaffer - background vocals
Chris Stiles - loops
Me - vocals, guitar and percussion

Tracks 7 - 9

Pete Copeland - drums and whistling
Marissa Scarano - violins
Mike Bean - bass
Kenny Lewis - mixing and engineering
Chris Stiles - programming, drum loops
Me - vocals, acoustic and electric guitars and percussion

Thanks to all the musicians who put their heart into these songs!!!!

ProductionTracks 1 - 6


Recorded and produced in Kansas City by Don Chaffer... Don so the bomb you are! I had a blast and love the album!!!
Greg LaFollette so great to work with you again....you slay me man!

Mixed by the infamous Richie Biggs!!! Richie you are a Gem... Truly one of a kind amazing...Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Tracks 7 - 9

Produced by me and recorded, engineered and mixed by Kenny Lewis at Mixed Emotions Studios in Middleton MA. Kenny thanks for working your donkey off....

Track 10

Remixed by my brother-in-law Chris Stiles. Chris I can't thank you enough and look forward to returning the favor!

Love Struck was mastered at Yes/Airshow Mastering by Jim and his Crew... 
Thanks to all at Yes Mastering.

Art Work

The cover art was taken by myself (a little narcissistic photo shoot never hurt anyone) and wonderfully...photoshopped by Tabitha and Larry Sherrell ... Thanks guys for going late into the night to help me figure it all out...

The album art work was designed by Arian Armstrong. You are simply amazing... Thanks so much Arian!


Designed by Diane Dixon what can I say... Diane you are brilliant. Thanks so much for all the fabulousness you put into designing the site ..... I am so grateful.
Thank you Laura Dixon for translating my chicken scratch into lyrics.

My Family

I really can't thank my family enough for having more confidence in me than I do in my self at times..... 
Mom and Dad thanks for praying for me without ceasing....your love and encouragement keeps me trusting....
Thank you Shenan, Wendy, Shane, your significant others and Sarah for dreaming with me... 
Thanks to Jordon, Darby, Pierce and Lilly for singing and dancing along! 
Rachael and Rollyn, my soul sisters thanks so much for supporting me in this! I love you ladies!

My Faith

My heart cannot contain the love my creator has for me ... My heart spills over into song...forever love struck!


" I came to love you late, o beauty so ancient and new; I came to love you late.
You were within me and I was outside, where I rushed about wildly searching for you like some monster loose in your beautiful world. You were with me but I was not with you.
You called me, you shouted to me, you wrapped me in your splendor, you sent my blindness reeling. 
You gave out such a delightful fragrance, and I drew it in and came breathing hard after you. I tasted it and it made me hunger and thirst; you touched me and I burned to know your peace." 
- St. Augustine of Hippo